Coelhos Têxteis is a company that initiated its activity in the textile sector more than 20 years ago.


Today, we center our activity in the creation and production of work wear, as well as in the distribution of all the type of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).



In this way, it seems imperative to us to advance with a new image that reflects our evolutionary path, and so we created and developed our own commercial brand “CLS”.

Contradicting the adverse situation in witch the world-wide economy finds itself, we are, in partnership with our renewed company CLYes, Lda, building new facilities with 7000 m2 of covered area, restating this way our position in the market, with more production, logistics and distribution capacity. We submit ourselves to the continuous establishment of goals that stimulate and challenge our competencies, strengthening however our tradition.

When we question ourselves about the reason why we always feel in the beginning of a long journey full of opportunities, we discover that Ambition, Discipline and Solidarity are our guiding forces, allowing us to keep up and adapt to the successive changes in the market.


We ambition to grow; we ambition extraordinary profitability; we ambition more sustainability; we ambition more contributions for society; we ambition to invest increasingly more. We will maintain our spirit sustained by our ambition and by an unquestionable confidence in our capacities.

To all of those who question if it is not too much ambition, we answer that we do not know how it could be any different.


We discipline ourselves; we managed to attract and to train outstanding human resources; we believe in our capacity to innovate and that we can always do better. We want our rigour to be recognized. We know that our employees are, and always will be, a distinguishing factor of our success.

We show solidarity towards the community around us and we also have an active sense of civic responsibility, as well as a strong concern for the environment and social development. We support many institutions, associations and collectivities in their events.

True to our beliefs and our purposes, we have achieved a constant and sustainable growth and we believe we have created a valuable and pioneering company. We will continue with the certainty of having fulfilled our mission and we will keep creating economic and social value, taking the benefits to an ever increasing number of people.


We will follow with the conviction that our organizational culture will maintain a solid and reliable structure. Although we can not foresee the future we are certain that, in spite of the differences, we will sustain the pride and the expectation we are feeling today…

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